CHIEF Program

Teacher Induction Program

C reating

H appy

I ndependent

E ducators

F or Life!

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The mission of the Alvarado Independent School District CHIEF Program is to empower educators through supportive learning opportunities that build professional relationships to

Create Happy, Independent, Educators For Life!

The CHIEF Program promotes the district's Mission and Vision at all times and empowers teachers to:

  • Share and work as a collaborative team - Professional Learning Community (PLC);
  • Communicate with each other in direct and honest ways;
  • Accept constructive feedback;
  • Support, keep, and provide the time and resources to each other;
  • Be positive, loyal, fair and consistent with each other, students, parents, and community;
  • Devote the time needed for attainment of district and campus goals;
  • Be responsible role models of continuous learning for students, peers, parents, and community;
  • Facilitate successful student learning through positive attitudes, motivation, evaluation, and research-based instruction;
  • Accept the role of advocate for ALL students to prepare them to be:
Healthy, proud, responsible citizens who are able to collaborate within a changing
technological society with the intrinsic
motivation for continuous learning as critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Dr. Lori Nunez
Chief Special Programs Officer
817-783-6800 ext: 1041

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